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Orders placed Tuesday-Thursday at 8pm will be ready on Sunday
Orders placed Friday-Monday at 8pm will be ready on Wednesday

Your Introduction to Fit-Flavors!!!

Fit Flavors / The Heart from Brian Gaadt on Vimeo.


Our Mission Statement:

"To be your first choice in healthy eating"

Healthy meals*All natural / Hormone free*Portion controlled*Gluten free

All natural healthy meals now available 7 days week at several locations.

- Chesterfield -
- Brentwood -
- Creve Coeur (opening January 17th, 2016) -

fit-flavors is a locally owned and operated company.  Our flagship store and kitchen are located in Chesterfield.  Come by and shop for your meals and see us in action....the kitchen is open to view. We cook and stock all our coolers everyday. There are over 60 healthy pre-made meal and snack items to choose from.  Just simply re heat in the microwave.  

fit-flavors is also available inside Mercy Hospital at the Mercy Cafe.  

Our meals are also stocked at a select few gyms and personal training studios around town.  

Enjoy something special...individually packaged meals that are fresh, nutritionally balanced, extremely healthy and ready to heat and eat.  All prepared by someone who cares about what they put in their body.  If you ever wondered what it was like to have your own personal certified chef who also lives the lifestyle of health and wellness, come by and check us out!!!

Making St Louis healthier- one person, one meal at a time.

Food for the fit.

You are what you eat.

Fit News!

The Face of Healthy Eating
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fit-flavors earns award:
"Face of Healthy Eating for St Louis"

Welcome Ryan Hansen! New sponsored athlete!
Welcome to the team Ryan !!  
Owner,  Prymal Fitness Lifestyle
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Sponsored Athlete

Chris Naegel
Won The Old Field Open on the EGolf Professional Tour
Won the Bogey Hills Jamboree
Won the Forest Park Publinks Open
Played in Tour Events
Played the 2013 John Deere Classic on the PGA Tour
Shot 62 three times in tournament play

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Nicole B.
Fit Flavors saves me so much time each week. Before Fit Flavors, I spent about 6 hours prepping food for my husband and I each week. My husband and I really enjoy the food and so convenient and easy to reheat. I also travel a lot so Fit Flavors comes with me so that I have clean healthy meals on the go! Fit Flavors is truly a life saver for me and my family. Thank you Jillian and your team for all the hard work you make clean eating simple!
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