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We’re going to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle

fitU is our lifestyle program. Simply put, we’re going to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle.

During fitU, you’ll lay the foundatoin for lifelong habits with a support system of your peers and accountability from professional coaches over the eight week session.

The goal of fitU is to strengthen nutrition and fitness education in our community and for you to #learnitforlife. Your learning doesn’t end at Graduation – rather, you continue to build upon the habits you formed during the program and maintain a positive relationship with nutrition and fitness for the rest of your life.

Plus, the top three graduates each get $300 to fit-flavors!

fitu graduation group

fitU is for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change and needs accountability for their health.

Past students have ranged from 24 to 65, both male and female, all at different starting points and with unique wellness goals.

With fitU, you’ll get:


Professional Coaching

The fitU coaches will be there for you every step of the way, providing real world, actionable advice and support on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Private fitU Facebook Group

With enrollment in fitU, you’re automatically added to the private fitU Facebook group where you’ll get accountability and support from the coaches, your peers, and all fitU alumni on a daily basis.


It’s easy to show up to exercise when you have a team of people cheering you on.

Nutrition Knowledge

Nutrition 101 Seminar

You’ll learn everything you need to know about what your body uses for energy, macronutrients, how much to eat, portion control, how to decipher nutrition labels and ingredient lists, food marketing, fad diets, and an easy to implement, sustainable nutrition philosophy from Allison Lesko, Licensed and Registered Dietitian.

Macronutrient Seminar

You’ll learn how to structure your meals and snacks for the entire day, why it’s important to eat smaller, more frequent meals, and actionable tips for eating on the go and at restaurants from Allison Lesko, Licensed and Registered Dietitian.

My Fitness Pal Seminar

You’ll learn how to record your energy intake on My Fitness Pal and track your progress over time to help you stay accountable and reach your wellness goals from Allison Lesko, Licensed and Registered Dietitian.

Kitchen Confidence

Cooking Demonstration

You’ll learn how to build a flavor profile for different cuisines, prepare a complex dish with advanced cooking techniques, prepare a simple dish with ingredients you always have in your pantry, cook bright, crunchy vegetables, saute, bake juicy chicken breasts and burgers, make a rice pilaf, bake fries, and portion your meal components from fit-flavors founder Jillian Tedesco and fit-flavors’ Executive Chef Chris Tucker. You’ll also get a family dinner with your fitU class that evening!

Knife Skills Class

You’ll learn about different knives and knife cuts and prepare all the components of an Asian inspired dish through hands-on practice with your own knife from Executive Chef Chris Tucker and other team members from the fit-flavors kitchen.  

Grocery Shopping Field Trip

You’ll learn how to navigate every section of the grocery store efficiently and shop for the recipes covered in the Cooking Demo by Executive Chef Chris Tucker, founder Jillian Tedesco, and Licensed and Registered Dietitian Allison Lesko. 



fitU Textbook

This is basically your healthy lifestyle bible. It contains:

  • Outlines of each seminar to refer back to and quizzes to reinforce your learning
  • Hand Portions Guide as a reference to how much you should eat of each macronutrient in case you don’t have measuring cups available
  • Fit Plate diagram as a convenient way to make your plate look at home
  • Common and Misleading Claims Guide to help you make decisions at the grocery store
  • Recipes for each of the meals demonstrated in the Cooking Demo
  • Grocery Shopping Guide to identify the healthiest options at the store
  • Flavor Profile Chart to help you build your own delicious dishes
  • At home workout provided by fitness professional Ryan Hansen
  • Simple, three step action plan provided by fitness professional Kelly Pollman
  • Calendar to keep track of all meeting dates


fitU Shirt

Free shirts are the best shirts.

Graduation Certificate

Hang this on your wall after the eight week session as a constant reminder of your hard work, habits formed, and newfound healthy lifestyle to keep you accountable over the long term.

Measurable Results

Body Measurements

Beyond feeling confident and overjoyed with your new sustainable mindset towards health and wellness, you’ll also see physical changes in your body over the course of fitU. The coaches will track your progress over the eight week session and share your results at graduation – this is not the primary focus of fitU, but undoubtedly a nice bonus.

Exclusive Deals

Discount to fit-flavors

During the eight week program, you’ll recieve the equivalent of a 15% discount to fit-flavors and The Smoothie Bar.

Chance to Win $300

The top 3 grads each get $300 to fit-flavors and The Smoothie Bar. Top grads are determined through attendance, sportsmanship, and physical transformation.

Meet the Coaches

Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco is the founder and owner of fit-flavors and The Smoothie Bar. Jillian began fit-flavors out of her home as a personal trainer, simply cooking for her clients, in 2009 and later attended culinary school. She enjoys workouts with her training partners, yoga, fashion, golf, and being a mom and wife.

Allison Lesko, RD LD

Allison Lesko is the Licensed and Registered Dietitian at fit-flavors. After getting her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Saint Louis University, Allison went on to complete her dietetic internship at Lenore-Rhyne University in North Carolina, completed various rotations in Dallas, TX, and obtained a certificate in Childhood Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Allison joined the fit-flavors team in 2015 and developed the nutrition coaching program where she creates customized meal plans for her clients based on their individual goals.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is the Executive Chef of fit-flavors. He has over 20 years of experience in the food industry and is passionate about cooking, weight lifting, and helping others live a healthy lifestyle.

Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen is a local fitness professional with over 5 years of industry experience and the owner and founder of PRYMAL.

Kelly Pollman

Kelly Pollman is a local fitness professional with over 10 years of industry experience.

Summer 2017 Schedule

-Nutrition 101- 5/24, 7-9pm, fit-flavors Chesterfield
-Grocery Shopping Field Trip- 6/1, 7-8:30pm, Fresh Thyme Market Town & Country
-PRYMAL Workout- 6/10, 11-12pm, Crossfit Ballwin (*please note, this is not a Crossfit style workout)
-Knife Skills Class- 6/14, 7-8:30pm, fit-flavors Chesterfield
-MyFitnessPal Seminar- 6/17, 8-9:30am, fit-flavors Creve Coeur
-Cooking Demo- 6/21, 7-9pm, fit-flavors Chesterfield
-Yoga- 6/24, 1-2pm, YogaSix Des Peres
-Outdoor Workout- 7/2, 8-9am, Forest Park
-Macronutrient Seminar- 7/15, 8-9:30am, fit-flavors Creve Coeur
-Graduation- 7/22, 1-2pm, fit-flavors Creve Coeur
fitU forest park workout
fitu peanut chicken and coconut rice



Student Success

“I love that the staff at fit-flavors walks the walk and are so open about showing everyone else how to do the same.  I always felt welcome at every class and feel like I have the tools to live a healthier life.  My family is already benefiting from my meal prep and planning and I make better decisions about what I put on my plate.  Absolutely awesome!”

-Spring 2017 grad

“I loved fitU and would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep exercise and nutrition interesting and informative.  The various programs – from spinning to Yoga to boot camp  – helped me stay motivated as each event is different.  I liked the Knife Skills Class as I have never been taught how to cook so many vegetables.  This will help me in my goal to plan meals. The knowledge and skills of the teachers is impressive!”

-Spring 2017 grad

“This program has truly changed my life!”

-Spring 2017 grad

fitU registration is now closed for the Summer 2017 session. Please stay tuned to our social media channels (@fitflavorsbyjillian on Facebook, @fitflavors_byjillian on Instagram) for the announcement of the next session!

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