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Our healthy meals are held to very high standards (if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, it doesn’t go on the menu).

“I wouldn’t eat any other way for myself, so selling a product I don’t personally believe to make more money is not ethical to me. I understand what it can do for your health so it excites me to educate people about quality and help them reach their potential with their nutrition.”

-Jillian Tedesco, founder/CEO

We focus on the essential elements of: quality, all natural ingredients, lean proteins that are 100% hormone and antibiotic free, complex (low glycemic index) carbohydrates, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and absolutely no processed or refined foods.

We make food as it was intended to be eaten and that our bodies know what to do with. We emphasize this philosophy as a healthy way of life—not a short term diet—that is sustainable over an extended time period.

Flavor is prioritized along with quality ingredients (the “flavors” in fit-flavors). Designed by our Executive Chef, Chris Tucker, each meal is planned from the beginning to make your taste buds smile just as much as your waistline. Chef Tucker incorporates a wide array of cuisines, cooking techniques, and fresh, seasonal produce while working closely with Jillian, who ensures that each creation has the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, to create healthy ready to eat meals.

“I always want to give a variety. As I was a personal chef for many individuals before launching our brick and mortar, I had much experience learning what clients wanted and didn’t want. It helped me shape our menu with the most popular items. When collaborating with our Executive Chef, he also brought his background and experience to the menu. We meet quarterly to design the seasonal menus which are inspired by seasonal produce and feedback from our customers.”

-Jillian Tedesco, founder/CEO

As a testament to our quality commitment, we like to do things ourselves. We make all of our sauces, soup stocks, dressings, and spice blends from scratch in house, as well as soak all of our beans before they are used in any application. This allows us to control for sneaky sodium, sugar, preservatives, fillers, and artificial ingredients.

In addition to high quality ingredients and made from scratch components, we understand the importance of portion control. We believe that you should enjoy your food, so we practice a balanced approach towards our ready to eat meals. This means never cutting out an entire food group, no fad diets, and no feelings of restriction or deprivation. We promise you can still have cheese and chocolate, you just need not over eat them. We’ll help with that!

To portion, each component of every meal is individually weighed and measured then packaged in microwave safe, BPA free containers. The meals are sold fresh–never frozen–in our convenient storefronts.

Stop by one of our locations if you’ve never ordered before to get the full experience and to meet our lovely team before placing an online order. See you soon!








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